Saturday, April 12, 2008


Shake it up baby! If you've been in business for a long time you know that change is inevitable. Your website was dynamic when you first created the home page. Your site was new, fresh and exciting and your visitors love it all. In the beginning you were updating your content daily, some of you even hourly, go ahead and admit it, it's OK.

We all break ground on our e-commerce endeavor with a gusto that is unparalleled or unprecedented by any other start up in history, or at least we think so. So what happened? Did the desire to succeed, to be the best on the web fade away? I encourage you to find it again and quick! Your competition is fierce, they have the desire you once had and they are putting in the time every day, every hour. They are trying harder than you to succeed. You know it's true and denial is very easy to hide behind. Don't let it happen to you. Keep fighting for your piece of the pie.

It not's hard so don't be intimidated by the thought of putting a little more effort into your daily routine. Little changes like fresh and clean images. Maybe create a few new categories to make it easier for your visitors to navigate your site. Personally, I like to change the header on my site with subtle changes. Little things like add another color, a news flash, or a "subscribe here" link.

Whatever you do to shake it up, you're effort will not go unnoticed. They might not say it but your visitors will be grateful. Maybe you'll notice an increase in traffic or maybe you'll see the length of a visitors stay increases. Whatever happens, the bottom line is you get that good feeling that you haven't stopped trying.

Good Luck!


I'm going to share with you a seldom used list marketing tactic that can simultaneously build your relationship with your list, make affiliate (or your own product) sales and give you HOT ideas for future products.

Sounds great, right? And you're going to be surprised at how simple this is.

First, I want you to understand that I am of the mind that it is not the size of the list that matters, but the relationship you have with your list. Having a big list of subscribers that don't open your emails, don't read them and don't do anything that leads to money in your bank account is not my goal. Sure, you can brag you have a big subscriber list, but I'd rather make more money for my list marketing efforts... wouldn't you?

So, the goal is to have a list of RESPONSIVE subscribers. This means people who are waiting for your email with anticipation, drop everything they are doing to immediately read them and then acts without hesitation to do something that leads to money in your bank account. OK, that may be a little bit of a stretch, but you get the idea. And responsive subscribers are created from building a strong relationship with your list.

And you can't build a relationship with your list with a one way conversation!

Most people subscribed to your list because they decided it would be advantageous for them to learn more from you. They made the crucial step of someone looking for information to someone asking YOU for information. In the beginning, that is exactly what you should do to gain their trust and keep them subscribed on your list... provide the valuable information they seek.

But at some point, the relationship needs to grow. It needs to be more give and take. It needs to change from a speech, lecture or sermon to a CONVERSATION. So, here it is, the big tactic...

Ask your list members to send you their biggest question, and you'll answer it in your next email. Simple right?

Like I said earlier, your subscribers want to learn from you. The joined your list because they thought you have the solution to their problem. Let them ask you their BIGGEST question about the topic, product or solution your list is about. Engage them in the conversation.

This is what you can expect...

Your subscribers start to feel involved. If they asked a question, they will definitely open your next email. Even if they didn't ask a question, they'll open your next email to see what was asked.

So, your open rate on the next email will be astronomical!

Now, how can you profit from building a relationship with your list and involving them in the conversation?

You are probably recommending affiliate programs or your own product to your list. So, it is reasonable to expect some of the questions to be about those products. Answering these questions can help your customers decide if the product is the right solution for them, and purchase. It is a nice way to soft-sell your recommendations. You can expect to see added sales as a result of your "answer" email.

PLUS: you might just find that your subscribers are interested in something all together different. Maybe the product or service you are recommending ISN'T the best solution for what your list wants, and is ready to pay money for. This is a HUGE opportunity for you. You can either look for the right product or service and then market it to your list, or create the product or service yourselves. And you already have a market ready to buy!

I think you'll agree, building a relationship with your list and inviting them into the conversation by asking them a question is a simple way to add profits to your list marketing. I bet you're ready to field some questions, right?